Notice for Coronavirus Infection

3 March ,2020
According to the WHO advice for countries with China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and Japan we have the following instructions:
UAUT strongly recommending students, parents and staff to avoid all non-essential travel to these countries (or any that may be added to this list in the coming weeks) due to the increased risk of transmission of this virus.
If students, parents or staff choose to travel to a country mentioned above, UAUT requires that upon return each individual spend 14 days, self-quarantined without symptoms in another location before returning to the UAUT campus.
It is required that you be fever free for 48 hours prior to arriving on campus. If you have symptoms such as cough, or shortness of breath that could possibly be from coronavirus we require that your self-quarantine for at least 14 days prior to arriving on campus.
We pray that God protect us from Coronavirus and other diseases.

 Office of Vice Chancellor