Faith and Services

The United African University of Tanzania is a Christian university that embraces the highest standards of the Christian core values which constitute the conservative Christian doctrines such as the practice of love, righteousness, honest, integrity, diligence, purity and the Great Commission.

To abide to its founding purpose the university has set up time for morning devotions and chapel hour for staff members and students respectively.

Morning Devotion

The university has set a few minutes for members of staff to gather together for a word of God and prayers every morning before they embark to their daily works.

Chapel Hour

Staff members and students meet together every Wednesdays morning between 11.00am to 12.00 noon for chapel service.

The morning devotions and a chapel hour remind members of staff and students the founding purpose of establishing the university which is to raise Tanzanian leaders who are equipped with excellence in wisdom, knowledge and Christian virtues.

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