Research and Consultancy Projects

The broad objective of UAUT is to be the alleviator of poverty and promoter of growth through raising Tanzanian Christian leaders who are equipped with excellence in wisdom, knowledge and Christian virtues. To achieve this bold aim UAUT must excel in Teaching, Research and Consultancy activities.
Therefore, in order to contribute to the core functions of the university, a consortium of researchers and consultants has been created on a trial basis to search, secure and undertake such assignments.

The consortium is called UAUT Consulting Group comprising of the following active members:
1) Prof. John Isaac Mwita (founder & team leader);  Project & Financial Management Consultant
2) Dr. Phillip Masamba: Project MEAL Consultant;
3) Dr. Ireneus Kagashe: Data Analysis Engineer & Consultant;
4) Mr. David Kiwia: Accountant & Financial Management Consultant;
5) Ms. Lilian Ramadhani: Human Capital Consultant;
6) Mr. Daniel Msilanga: Information Systems Analysis Engineer; and
7) Miss Carolyn Yesse: Marketing Consultant.

Current Ongoing Projects

Title of Project To prepare the first Country’s Annual State of Financial Accountability Report (CASFAR) for Tanzania for the financial year 2017/18
The Main objective of the
The general objective of the assignment is to demonstrate the country’s annual state of financial
accountability in the management of public finances.
Specific objectives (a) To enable state and non-state actors to continuously monitor the trend of financial accountability in the country.
(b) To map out the various accountability actors across the country (this can be across the specific sector or levels of government).
(c) To provide strategic information to feed into future plans of various actors in the accountability agenda. This can provide the non-state actors with different advocacy agendas for their future work.
Users of the Report By and large the Client envisages the Report to be used by relevant state and non-state actors in the accountability agenda.
In particular, the following are the possible primary and secondary users of the results:
Primary User: Wajibu – the Client
Secondary Users:
(i) Donors who are funding the various development projects in Tanzania e.g. DfID, USAID, GIZ, and the Royal Embassy of Canada, etc.
(ii) Government agencies and officials e.g. PO-RALG, Treasury Registrar, MDAs, Public Authorities, NGO Registrar, National Council of NGOs, Local Government, etc.
(iii) Non-state actors dealing with accountability and good governance issues like CSOs, FBOs, CBOs, Private Sector Institutions, the Media, Citizens (general public) etc
(iv) Higher Learning Institutions
CoordinationThe overall coordination of the process will rest within the Client (WAJIBU) through the established selected contact person. The Client’s contact person will address all logistical arrangements from the development of ToR through to submission of the final CASFAR
Expected Outcome of
The Client is expecting that the CASFAR will contribute towards having accountability actors who are making informed decisions to influence and improve the country’s state of financial accountability at all levels.
TimeframeThe assignment is scheduled for 6 weeks. The assignment Start date is the 1 January 2020 and the End date is on 28 February 2020.
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