Vice Chancellor Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Welcome to our United African University of Tanzania (UAUT)!

UAUT is a distinctively a Christian university that is rooted in the Biblical worldview for all of life, based on the infallible foundation of God’s Holy Word. It is both a community of faith and academic community where praise for God, study of the Scripture, and prayer are actively alive. A Christian university is, however, not only a place that emphasizes pious devotional life on campus but also a place where all areas of inquiry are acknowledged as God’s created world, under God’s sovereignty and redemptive works. A Christian university is indeed an institution that approaches all activities of teaching, learning and life from the perspective of a Christian worldview. This is why UAUT is committed to promote academic excellence by continuously inviting outstanding professors who are dedicated to the Kingdom vision in the fields of study you are exploring.
UAUT is also dedicated in equipping, preparing and guiding its graduates to be able to find jobs all over the world, including in Tanzania, within the African continent, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America, to expand the reign of Christ in all areas of life. In supporting graduates’ employment, UAUT possesses exceptional infrastructure that can support graduates’ employment in South Korea, various countries in Southeast Asia, as well as joining Korean companies operating in Africa.
Importantly, UAUT ensures that graduates do not assimilate into the secular modern cultures but to transform every aspect of culture they encounter with a firm Biblical worldview. The graduates are uniquely prepared to evaluate and lead a cultural transformation that will change Africa and the world by the power of the gospel. At UAUT, students are educated to become dynamic servant leaders in the world and for the world, but not of the world!
UAUT seeks to equip each student with “serviceable insights” to creatively serve Tanzania and Africa, rather than boast of abstract knowledge and skills that remain in the ivory tower. The graduates are also stewards who take care of the less fortunate, cultivate God’s creation, and play leading roles in building and expanding a society where God’s justice and peace overflow like water in a sea of an unjust world.
All of UAUT’s faculty and staff are here to serve and pray for you wholeheartedly. We welcome you, the future leaders in God’s kingdom, who will lead the next generation for His glory. I hope that the guidance of our Almighty God, who always goes before us, will be with you all.

For the King! Pro Rege!
Prof. Sung Soo Kim, Ph.D..
Vice Chancellor
The United African University of Tanzania