What we Do

  • The United African University of Tanzania (UAUT) seeks to provide a conducive environment where learning, research, and support services can stimulate innovation and deliver world-class outcomes. This noble objective is reflected in its mission and vision statements.
    The Quality Assurance Unit of UAUT was established to monitor and evaluate the university’s processes related to quality.
    The Quality Assurance Unit is the administrative body of UAUT that handles issues related to quality. Its performance is based on the university’s Quality Assurance Policy.
    The Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for ensuring that the various internal standards for measuring the performance of the University are regularly updated and are aligned with the international and national standards.
    The QA Unit is linked in working relations to the top management and to units implementing the QA agenda with a view to:
  • Constantly supply them with updated evaluation schedules and instruments;
  • Facilitate unit and programme evaluations;
  • Provide unit heads with feedback on internal (self) and external evaluation results;
  • Advise units on proper implementation of improvements which have been recommended by review teams; and
  • Ensure that units adhere to the established QA procedures.

  • The QA Unit is a link organ between UAUT and stakeholders including regulatory bodies (e.g. TCU, IUCEA etc.) and professional bodies within the country (e.g. NBAA) that are relevant to the activities of the University.

    The functions of QA Unit include:

    1. Develop, strategize, promote and oversee the implementation of the quality assurance policy and its functions within and outside the University;
    2.  Ensuring that set performance standards in all aspects of the University functions are appropriate and relevant;
    3. Developing and periodically updating general operational manuals, quality assurance tools, and internal procedures to guide university-level QA operations, as well as instruments for use in internal assessment and evaluations;
    4. Monitoring/implementation of quality assurance activities in all units as per the set standards;
    5. Providing advice and guidance to implementation units on the execution of QA activities;
    6. Coordination of internal self-evaluation of quality assurance systems;
    7. Analysis of all QA reports and identification of issues arising from them for the attention of the management at departmental, school and university levels;
    8. Facilitation of external evaluation of UAUT and its academic programmes and administrative units;
    9. Provision of external evaluation results to Management and units;
    10. Monitoring of implementation of internal and external evaluation recommendations;
    11. Updating the VC on the functioning of the UAUT QA system and on the overall quality status of the University;
    12. Linking UAUT with national, regional and international standards and professional bodies and agencies in QA matters;